Beijing Goldrare Automobile parts Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: Goldrare) is an international high-tech auto parts enterprise and national high-tech enterprise, founded in 2001, with headquartered in Beijing, is dedicated to R & D and manufacturing of automotive seats, mirrors and air suspension electronic control systems.Vehicle vibration comfort, durability solutions, with innovative design and application of new materials, new technologies, to bring customers intelligent, comfortable, lightweight feelings. With high reliability products, allowing users to enjoy a more perfect driving experience.
Goldrare has provided products and services to a number of well-known automotive manufacturers, and its products and solutions are mainly used in commercial vehicles and passenger cars, military vehicles and rail vehicles .It will hopefully also be used in marine and aviation fields in the future.
"Innovation driving technology, Intelligence enjoying high-end driving", Goldrare will cooperate with more global car manufacturer's and creating more fabulous future.​

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