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Beijing BJ40L ring pagoda version


2017-07-08 13:20

In recent days, BAIC's two SUVs have grabbed the limelight on the screen. First of all, the BJ80 became the seat driver of President Xi and completed two major military parades. Then BJ40's implantation in Wolf Wars ii, which has now grossed more than $4 billion, breaking the domestic box office record and making BJ40 a hit again. On top of that, BAIC team members also won the overall champion of the automobile group in the 2017 China tour tower (international) rally. The string of good news is certainly encouraging for BAIC. As a result, on August 11, Beijing auto officially released the Beijing (BJ)40L ring tower champion version and also announced the price.

Beijing (BJ)40L ring tower champion is based on Beijing (BJ)40L 2.3t four-wheel drive exclusive model, the body size has not changed, a total of two models, manual and automatic transmission. The new flame red coating is adopted in the appearance, and the special "CHAMPION" pull flowers are attached to the upper part of the eyebrows, and the new fumigation wheel hub. The interior uses a seat with its own red-black leather and hot stamping logo. The whole car has a more athletic atmosphere.

(Beijing B40L car seat and rearview mirror products are produced by Beijing Goldrare)