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July passenger car sales ranking: the highest increase of 483.3%


2017-08-14 13:17

According to the latest data released by the passenger transport association, the wholesale sales of narrow passenger vehicles in China reached 1.66 million in July, down 7.3 percent from the previous month and up 5.7 percent from the previous year. From January to July, the total wholesale sales volume reached 12.6 million vehicles, a slight increase of 2.8% year-on-year. On the retail side, sales of narrow passenger vehicles totaled 1.67 million units in July, down 4.2 percent from a month earlier, but up 6.1 percent from a year earlier, the biggest increase since February.

July is a traditionally slow sales season, during which many auto makers will see a marked slowdown in sales growth. However, from the perspective of year-on-year growth, the overall development trend continued in the first half of the year, among which, the Japanese brand car enterprises continued to rise as a whole, among which, GMMC achieved a high growth rate of 483.3%. In contrast, Korean cars are still in a state of continuous decline, with Dongfeng Yueda KIA down more than 50 percent year on year. Among the independent brands, some car companies represented by Geely, SAIC passenger cars and FAW cars have performed well, and all of the above three have achieved an increase of more than 80%. In this era of modest growth, the speed of the roller-over is indeed encouraging. However, some autonomous car enterprises have fallen back in performance.

What is the specific situation? According to the official website of the passenger association and automobile enterprises, Geshi has conducted comprehensive statistics, which are summarized as follows:

TOP15 sales by passenger car companies: Faw_Volkswagen, the champion of Beijing Hyundai and Changan Ford, fell 28 percent.

In terms of the TOP15 overall passenger vehicle sales, Faw-Volkswagen performed better in the top three this month, returning to the top spot with 153,000 units, up 13.5 per cent year on year. SAIC motor is relatively stable, while SAIC motor dropped 24.48 per cent from the previous month, falling to third place. Among all the mainstream car companies, Geely's performance in July was still the most impressive, leaping ahead of the top five with 95, 000 vehicles, pushing SGMW into fourth place. But in recent months, the temporary defeat for Changan, Wuling, Geely, Dongfeng, Nissan sales of chasing each other is very tight, as for the fact that whether Geely can refresh it’s ranking is also unknown. However, in addition to Geely, the performance of SGMW, Faw Toyota, Gac Toyota and Gac passenger cars in the mainstream car companies this month has also been commendable, increasing by more than 20%. In the top 15, unfortunately, Beijing Hyundai, Changan Ford still continues to decline in the first half of this month, and the rate of 28%, by far the two passenger car accumulative total sales of 351000 and 424000 respectively, will finish at the beginning of each set of 1.25 million and 1 million sales targets, reality is stressed out.

Independent car enterprises: Geely continues to increase Changan no surprise surging

In this month's top three autonomous cars, Geely, with the help of the Boyue, new Emgrand, Emgrand GS, vision and other major models, has a champion. Great Wall returned to the top 10 again in July, overtaking Changan’s position, reaching second place. According to Great Wall's official figures, sales of the Hover SUV continued to slide in July to 53,853 units, down 10.25% from a year earlier. SUV sales were flat compared to the whole, however, this "WEY" of performance, according to data, "WEY"'s first car VV7 rose sharply last month soared 91.88% to 6075 vehicles, gradually injecting new vitality to the subsequent development of the Great Wall SUVs. Chang 'an automobile, as the original "brother", after a rebound in June, it’s sales back to the decline. However, it is still some time before the end of the year, Chang’an will not sit idle and wait to be killed. Whether it can reverse the attack remains to be determined.

In addition to the independent top three, Gac passenger cars, Saic passenger cars, Faw cars, southeast cars in the independent automobile area keep refreshing it’s position. Saic passenger cars, in particular, sold 37,000 new cars in July, up 85.2% from a year earlier, according to Saic's official website. This year's cumulative sales volume was 271,000 vehicles, up 108.7 percent year on year, the fastest growth rate for China's mainstream car companies in 2017. However, some car companies such as BYD, Zotye, Jianghuai and BAIC continued their first-half decline in July, which was not ideal.

Joint venture car companies: Japanese - German up U.S. - German steady south Korean French down

Compared with the mixed feelings of its own brand, the joint venture brand is also a couple of joys and sorrows. Overall, Japanese growth remains robust, Nissan, Toyota, Honda joint venture automakers in China are to achieve double-digit growth over the previous year, while the Gac mitsubishi has been reached highest growth this month among mainstream automakers. However, compared with June, the Japanese system, except Gac and Toyota, showed a decline of varying degrees, with Dongfeng, Nissan down nearly 14% and Gac mitsubishi down about 30%.

In terms of increasing momentum, German car companies did not lose to Japanese ones, and among the six car companies, only Baowo had a setback. Beijing Benz and Fujian Daimler saw strong growth of 47.7% and 71.5% respectively. Compared with the steady growth of SGM and SGMW, Changan Ford's growth this year is not good, and it fell 28.6 percent in July from a year earlier. Among the three French car companies, Dongfeng Renault has also been aggressive, surging ahead this year, with 4,428 cars sold in July, up 194.2 percent, and 41,888 cars sold from January to July, up 331.9 percent from a year earlier. The other two, Shenlong and Changan Peugeot Citroen, suffered first-half declines of 38.3 percent and 71.8 percent in July, respectively. As for Korean cars, the above has been elaborated.

Although it is a slow season, the competition between car companies is in a hot state. There are still five months to the end of the year assessment.