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Goldrare group has been awarded the title of "One hundred Outstanding Auto parts Suppliers in China" for seven consecutive years!


2020-05-21 00:00

National hundred outstanding automobile parts supplier selection activities by China automotive news agency founded in 2003, is the only domestic in automotive manufacturing process of automotive OEM supplier selection activities. So far, it has been highly concerned by domestic and foreign automobile industry, authoritative institutions, top level buyers and numerous media.

Selection is aim to precisely choose industry elite, setting up the profession model, for the purpose of adhering to the scientific, fair and justice, public principle, led by the purchaser, industry leaders, experts and senior members of the press. It is according to the evaluation standard of review. The results are disseminated to the industry through the media, which helps to provide a strong basis for the procurement of major machinery plants, and strive to promote the orderly development of China's auto parts industry.

Goldrare was awarded the title of "excellent supplier of utility parts and body accessories".  So far, Goldrare has been awarded this title for 7 consecutive years! Full witness to the continuous influence of Goldrare brand. Goldrare aims at intelligent network, lightweight, high-quality direction of continuous efforts, global layout, vigorously improve their scientific and technological innovation ability, focus on customer needs, shape the international first-class brand, become the global vehicle manufacturers preferred OEM partners.