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R&D and Innovation

Goldrare Group has an international research and development team. It also has established an engineering research institute in Beijing, new technology research and development center, with technology application center in each production base, and to set up the application of new technology development center in Germany. It has formed to Beijing as the center, close to the factory, close to the German manufacturing innovation center, absorb international high quality innovation resources and achievements of research and development of the international system. The research and development system of the group closely focuses on the market of commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles, and collaborates with universities such as Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Technology and relevant industry associations to deeply study the core needs of professional drivers in the fields of safety, comfort and occupational health. Based on the application of Internet of things module products, it’s mainly working on collecting big data of customer use behavior, and innovatively promoting ECAS seats ECAS and artificial intelligence ECAS commercial vehicle vibration integration solutions in the field of commercial vehicles. It has successfully won the recognition of Daimler, VOLVO and other international customers. The R&D system of the group has built an innovative research and development system closely centering on customer needs. Based on the research and development of big data system and SAAS information software, the group has built a real-time collaborative innovation platform “Just in Time”. The enterprise product R&D system is driven by the 1.0 version of experts previously and now developed into the 2.0 version based on the R&D big data platform, driven by innovation and knowledge. R & D system can more quickly insight into the market demand, response in advance, innovative creation and market-leading, to meet customers ’flexible, differentiated, agile real-time needs. The group has advanced testing equipment.