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Main functions and technical parameters of the seat

● Horizontal adjustment function, double lock, front adjustment, stroke adjustment 200mm (10mm×20)

● Front-end tilt adjustment: Adjustment range: -5°~+5°

● Height adjustment (stepless adjustable) Adjustment range: 0 ~ 100mm

● Speed rise and speed drop adjustment

● Stiffness adjustment (stepless adjustable damping)

● Seat depth adjustment function, front adjustment, stroke adjustment 45mm(15mm×3)

● Backrest adjustment: with automatic meshing function, 70°~ 140°(design angle 105°)

● Integrated waist support: two air bags adjustment

● External dimension (length ×height ×width) 630×990×500mm

● Seat cushion height (working condition) 245  width 500  depth 510

● The height of the back is 620 and the width of the back is 490

● Connection size (left and right × front and back) 320×300

● Optional parts: armrest, seat cushion heating